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  • Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
    Pet Brush Fur & Lint Remover
    Regular Price
    $ 40.00
    Sale Price
    $ 21.95
  • Pet Grooming Fur Glove (1 Pair)
    Pet Grooming Fur Glove (1 Pair)
    Regular Price
    $ 22.00
    Sale Price
    $ 10.95
  • Dual Sided Undercoat Rake
    Dual Sided Undercoat Rake
    Regular Price
    $ 32.00
    Sale Price
    $ 16.95
  • Self Grooming Cat Brush with Catnip
    Self Grooming Cat Brush with Catnip
    Regular Price
    $ 27.00
    Sale Price
    $ 13.95

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Doing Your Part In National Pet Month

National Pet Month is a celebration of the benefits that pets bring to people's lives and vice versa. It is celebrated annually in the United States in May and April for the United Kingdom.

More than 2,700,000 stray pets die every year without ever experiencing a family and a real home, so we have decided to do our part and help out!

For this years National Pet Month we are giving 15% of all purchases to rescue groups, animal shelters, and pet sanctuaries around the world.  Purchase today and you will receive 10% OFF your next purchase due to being a good supporting person. (Code will be sent to the registered email after purchase).

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