About Us

Welcome, To Be Furless!

The Be Furless project has been in my thoughts for a while but after seeing no one take control and help the shedding pet owners we decided too. I personally love my pets but as a married working woman of 2 with twin huskies, the shedding can be insane after a long day. Also, I noticed that every inch of my personal belongings has fur I decided to do something about it and I'm sharing it with the world. 

It's well known that pets go through cycles and shed but I'm sure you rather have a fighting chance against it. Maybe being able to go out on a date night without being coated in fur or have a guest who hates coming over because they get fur on them. We aim to ensure you get the benefits and happiness that you deserve.

All of our Be Furless Products have been proven to work in fact we test them at least 30 days before we sell them to ensure it works and last that's why we have no problem with our 30-day returns policy and lifetime warranty!

We Want You To Finally Be Furless!

-Proud Owner - Rebecca Williams